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New Booking System Online

Since 30.6.´15 the new BOOKING ENGINE is available upon our homepage. The „new one“ offers extensive information about rates and rooms and is more structured. Now you can book your rooms directly online at the ABACCO, may change them and -if necessary- may cancel them as well. With a registration by first booking you will have full control of your profile and an overview about your bookings in the hotel (history/future).

Make a test! We thank you for your booking @abaccohotels.com with a little surprise upon your arrival!

Change of Hotel´s Manager

New hotel manager since 01. October 2014!

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ABACCO socially: The Education Partnership

    Since October 2009 there is the educational partnership between the Abacco Hotel and the Flattichschule (elementary and secondary school) in Münchingen. The partnership is supported by the State Office of Education, as well as the IHK (chamber of Commerce) of Stuttgart. In various projects, pupils get the opportunity to make their first experience in the field of vocation and work.

    All parties benefit from this partnership: Pupils are in the transition support from school to vocational training, the knowledge about economic relationships will be strengthened with pupils and teachers and the hotel has also the opportunity to present itself as employer to potential apprentices. Specifically, a class-wide annual program with the education partners is developed, including various projects, internships, and the inclusion of topics in the classroom.
    In the last years many pupils have made their BORS (career orientation in secondary school) internships in our ABACCO. During this “working” week they get insights into the occupation “Hotel Expert” and are able to experience the daily operation. Hotel employees take the time to convey the workflows of breakfast and event services, kitchen and housekeeping. An active collaboration and intellectual participation is desired upon first socializing with guests and making the clear-away.

    A cooperation is already starting in the elementary school-classes: The fourth graders in German classes write bedtime stories: in competition the best ones are chosen and published with the illustrations of the kids to hotel guests as a small booklet laid on the bed. Eighth graders have (fits to our motto “Cars & Conferences”) deepens the theme “automobile” in art class. The results are small works of imagination and creativity, which can be admired in the conference floor as part of a temporary exhibition.

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