VDR Award!

The Abacco has been decorated by the VDR!

The business travel organization VDR (German Travel Management Organization) is classifying hotels and event locations to offer better comparing possitilities for travelers and bookers. The point is to make the best decision for the best matching hotel. With the VDR classification, the hotel shows its business travelers and conference guest that it knows about their ambitious requirements. Independent checkers (travel and event management experts, also trained by the VDR) proof according to a questionnaire on location. For getting a VDR award, a specific number of criteria have to be fulfilled.

The Abacco has been decorated as "Certified Business Hotel", "Certified Green Hotel" and "Certified Conference Hotel".

Certified Business Hotels

For becomming “Certified Business Hotel” by the VDR, 55 of 60 criteria have to be fulfilled. A selection of the ten must-have criteria:

  • Internet connection
  • Acceptance of credit cards
  • Chec-in min. earliest from 3 p.m.
  • Parking lots around the hotel
  • Work desk with bright illumination
  • Billing referred to business travel policies
  • Proofed mattress quality

Certified Conference Hotels

Conference agencies and event manager make high demands to conference hotels. Event- and conferece-business experts proof within a questionnaire of 65 criteria and offer heregy a survey and decision-guidance: Is the hotel matching to my needs?

Within seven categories, 67 criteria mark the service range of a "Certified Conference Hotel":

  • Hotel´s own professional conference area
  • Standardized info brochures
  • Standardized quotation processing
  • Professional catering in the conference area
  • Professional conference support
  • Standardized automated settlement
  • Facilities and service for business traveleres
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